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Since 1980, Bobonis, Bobonis & Rodríguez Poventud (B,B&RP) has provided a high quality and comprehensive industry knowledge to help major corporations and institutions to meet challenges and respond to opportunities. B,B&RP offers a collective experience and valuable skills to local, national and international corporations, prioritizing responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency to deliver in a timely manner.

Our law firm have vast experience in representing before the Federal Courts and State Courts, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, Administrative Arbitration, FINRA, and Mediation Proceedings. Our law firm represents private and public companies, start-ups ventures, institutions, individuals, estates, corporations and foreign companies.

Practice Areas

Labor And Employment
Securities Law
Securities Litigation
State and Federal Taxation | Mergers and Acquisitions
Start-Ups & Act 60 (Act 22) | Tax Law | Corporate Law
General Civil Law | Commercial Litigation
| Inherit Law | Notarial Practice

Nurturing Collaborative Relationships:
Our Attorneys Work Closely Together

Our Team

B,B&RP attorneys’ diverse talents, prestigious academic preparation, and backgrounds enable them to thoroughly analyze your legal situation to achieve success. Everyone in our team cultivates an environment of efficiency and fosters a remarkable work culture, empowering attorneys to excel in their professional endeavors. Meet and connect with our team:

González Álvarez

Rut Ortiz
Legal Assistant

Lugo Santos
Facilities Supervisor


B,B&RP represents clients across multiple industries, from small businesses to complex and multinational companies. Some of the industries are:

Securities Brokerage Firms
Food Service Industry
Municipal Financing Law
Exempt Organizations
Higher Education
Employment Agencies

Proper Management of the Workforce is Essential

Labor and Employment Law

Employment law is complex, and oftentimes leaves employers confused about how to properly handle situations that arise with employees, contractors, unions, and government agencies. Our Law Firm designs the best strategy to solve and prevent problems. We counsel on matters from recruitment to retirement and provide advice on the full spectrum of local and federal employment and labor laws. Every client receives personalized attention, including regular updates regarding case progress and options. Our firm represents law matters including:

Employment Law Contracts and Termination of Employment
Assistance in Employment and Labor Law Mediation and Arbitration Sessions as Well as in Courtroom litigation
Wage and Hour Compliance
Collective Bargaining Negotiations
Workplace Safety Issues
Human Resources Compliance
Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
Pension and Salary Negotiations
Workplace Policies and Protocols & Employee Handbooks
Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
General Employment Litigation
Representation on Fair Labor Practice Proceedings before NLRB

B,B&RP have a thorough understanding of Puerto Rico and federal labor and employment laws — including Title VII of the Civil Rights Law of 1964, the Taft-Hartley Act, the Equal Pay Act (EPA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — and handle a broad range of cases.

protecting Financial Interest and Reputation

Securities Law and Litigation

Representation throughout the securities arbitration process that are intricate and must follow the strict guidelines of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Approximately two-thirds of all securities arbitrations are between broker-dealers and their clients. We represent securities brokerage firms, corporate clients and shareholders in all aspects of the securities industry has provided reliable and professional service on matters related to:

Securities Litigation
Securities Arbitration
Securities Arbitration
Account overtrading (churning)
Unauthorized trading
Breach of contract
Failure to supervise
Mutual fund violations
Breach of fiduciary duty
Omission of facts
Corporate Oversight and Compliance

Effective Solution to Business Tax problems

State and Federal Taxation | Mergers and Acquisitions

Taxpayers in Puerto Rico are subject to a complex array of commonwealth and federal laws that can pose serious problems to their finances and to their businesses. Our attorneys analyze every element of your case to help protect your assets and set up tax schedules and structures that comply with state and federal law. Our firm represent and provide counsel to private and public companies, start-ups ventures, institutions, individuals, estates, corporations and foreign companies seeking to bring their business to the United States in all tax-related matters, including:

Tax planning
Tax litigation
Estate and gift tax returns
Sales tax audits
Estate tax audits
Income tax audits
IRS-related issues
Puerto Rico tax issues
Wage garnishments
Penalty abatements
Trust fund recovery penalties
Delinquent filing issues
Individual and business tax planning engagements
Installment payment agreements
Releases of levies and liens
Tax amnesty cases

Client Success is Our Top Priority

Start-Ups & Act 60 (Act 22) Corporate Law

Act 60 (Act 22) provides incentives to those traders who wish to do business in Puerto Rico. Building a business takes preparation, planning and, once you’ve given everything you have, occasionally the tide changes and you have to re-think your entire strategy. We work hand in hand with industries, startups, and companies to operate under P.R. corporate law. We have a vast experience in local and federal law, allowing to create strategies for efficient problem-solving. B,B&RP represents law matters including:

Tax Exemption Decrees
Mergers and Acquisitions
Incorporation Documents
Municipal Patents
Commercial Corporate
Commercial Contracts
Partnerships & Agreements
Corporate Records
Administrative Appeals in the PR Department of Treasury
Limited Partnerships

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